Micro Expressions Training Tools

Increase emotional awareness and detect deception

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Face Basics


Learn the fundamentals of spotting micro and subtle expressions.

Trainings included:

  • Micro Expressions
  • Subtle Expressions

Face Advanced


Increase expertise in reading micro expressions with an expanded collection of faces and perspectives.

Trainings included:

  • All Face Basics trainings +
  • Micro Expressions: Profile
  • Micro Expressions: Intensive

Ekman Library


All the tools to help read micro expressions plus tools to help you respond to the emotions you detect in other people.

Trainings included:

  • All Face Advanced trainings +
  • Responding Effectively: Workplace
  • Responding Effectively: Family
  • Responding Effectively: Law Enforcement

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Training time
English and Spanish captioning
Learn to read micro expressions
Learn to read subtle expressions
Learn to read profile expressions
Learn to respond to emotional expressions
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Face Basics

2-4 hours

Face Advanced

4-6 hours

Ekman Library

7-10 hours

As a private investigator, I use the knowledge gained from these tools every day and am impressed with their usefulness.

-Matt M., Private Investigator

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Package Details

Trainings included in Face Basics

Micro Expressions Training Tool

The updated version of our landmark micro expression training module. With it, you will improve your ability to spot micro expressions.

This training is appropriate for those whose work requires them to evaluate truthfulness and detect deception, such as police and security personnel, as well as those in sales, education, and medical professions.

micro expressions training tool

Subtle Expressions Training Tool

The premier training program for learning to recognize subtle expressions. Provides foundational knowledge of how emotions emerge in just one region on the face.

Subtle expressions are the very “mini” expressions that often appear in just one region of your face, such as the brows, eyelids, cheeks, nose, or lips. They can occur when a person is trying to conceal a strong emotion — subtle expression can leak, exposing the true emotion in a tiny change in expression. These small movements may also occur when an emotion is just beginning, often before the person is aware of their emotional state.

subtle expressions training tool

Trainings included in Face Advanced

All Face Basics trainings

  • Micro Expressions Training Tool
  • Subtle Expressions Training Tool

face basics training package includes

Micro Expressions Profile Training Tool

This profile (side-view) training is appropriate for people wishing to build on their frontal-view micro expression knowledge, and is appropriate for anybody who works in groups. Whenever multiple people are present, we often see only the profile view of some individuals. In addition, those working in surveillance can greatly benefit from this training.

micro expressions profile training tool

Micro Expressions Intensive Training Tool

Micro Expressions Intensive Training Tool is an expanded version of the Micro Expressions frontal-view training. It has the same format as the Micro Expressions Tool, with several extended practice sessions and all new faces.

The Micro Expressions Intensive Training Tool is designed to help you achieve the maximum skill level for detecting micro expressions.

micro expressions intensive training tool

Trainings included in Ekman Library

All Face Advanced trainings

  • Micro Expressions Training Tool
  • Subtle Expressions Training Tool
  • Micro Expressions Profile Training Tool
  • Micro Expressions Intensive Training Tool

face basics training package included

face advanced training package included

Responding Effectively: Workplace

Communicate with empathy when engaged in a conflict at work. Dr. Ekman coaches you through the best practices to achieve an appropriate resolution.

responding effectively workplace

Responding Effectively: Family

Learn to navigate stressful situations at home. Dr. Ekman provides feedback on how to acknowledge the feelings of family members.

responding effectively family

Responding Effectively: Law Enforcement

For the benefit of officers and citizens alike. Dr. Ekman gives his insight on interrogation techniques.

responding effectively law enforcement

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How are the training tools formatted?

Our training tools are exclusively online and therefore there is nothing to download or to be shipped.

The tools are all web-based applications using a combination of text, photos, videos, and auditory commentary for learning application. While the format of each tool is a little different, each one generally follows a series of learning, practice, and test sections to measure your accuracy and improvement over time.

2. How long do the tools last? Can I use the training tools more than once?

The purchase of our tools is for a one-year license beginning the day you purchase your package. During that time, you are granted unlimited use of the tools. You can (and we suggest you do) use your tools frequently for additional practice.

At 30 days before your tools are set to expire you will receive an email from us asking if you would like to renew your tools at a discounted price for another year (and each year thereafter).

3. What languages are the training tools available in?

Most of our tools feature both English and Spanish caption capabilities. All users will be prompted at the beginning of the trainings to choose a language and will have the option to switch between languages throughout the tool.

We are excited to make these universally applicable tools more accessible one step at a time. Stay tuned for more language options coming soon!

4. Do you provide CEUs or certificates for completing the trainings?

Unfortunately we do not provide CEUs for our trainings.

We do, however, offer individual certificates for each training tool with a final score of 80% or higher.

The METT and SETT certificates are score-based and you must receive an 80% or higher to qualify for one.

The Responding Effectively certificates are completion based and you'll qualify for one if you've gone through all emotion, scenarios and responses.

5. Can I share my account with others?

No. As part of our Terms and Conditions, training tools are licensed for individual use ONLY.

6. What’s the difference between the online training tools and FACS?

The training tools are interactive online modules which help you learn to detect micro expressions and respond to emotional expressions. There are seven tools combined into three different packages. The format of each tool is a little different but generally follows a series of learning, practice, and test sections to measure your accuracy and improvement over time.

FACS is a manual which you download upon purchasing. It is a comprehensive, anatomically based system for describing all visually discernible facial movement. It breaks down facial expressions into individual components of muscle movement. It takes at least 100 hours of self-study to learn and it has been used extensively in a wide variety of medical, psychological research, and commercial contexts. You can learn FACS the traditional, self-guided way, or through a workshop.

The training tools are designed to teach anyone the everyday skills of reading and responding to micro expressions, whereas the FACS manual is a much more technical guide often used by researchers, animators, and in other various professional settings. Therefore, for anyone interested in learning about micro expressions we generally recommend starting with the training tools on this page.

7. Accepted payment methods

For our online training tools and FACS, we accept payment in the form of PayPal or credit card.

Increase your emotional awareness and detect deception

Learn to read and respond to micro expressions

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